Soul Calibur IV Updated (Japan, PS3 only)


Segue a lista de Update do Sc4 na verção japonesa

Brief list of changes (updated periodically):

Character-specific Changes
– Algol’s projectile combos no longer possible (as in, it won’t pick up opponents)
– Algol’s 8A+B pushes airborne opponents backwards
– Algol’s 66A+B throw pushes opponent back further

– Amy’s 3BA does less damage

– Astaroth’s knee is more unsafe on block

– Cassandra’s 66B+K does not relaunch

– Cervantes’s 11K has less advantage on block

– Ivy’s infinite gone
– Ivy’s unblockable (6A+B) from whip stance does less damage
– Ivy’s Criminal Symphony throw has a wider window for the JF version
– Ivy’s whip 3B has worse recovery

– Kilik’s B+K now GIs vertical attacks, and has a shorter window to GI attacks

– Raphael’s B does not track as much

– Setsuka’s A throw does less damage (25 -> 20)
– Setsuka’s JF moves are easier to pull off (?)

– Siegfried’s 3 has slower recovery (3B no longer is a combo, etc), shaves off more soul gauge damage

– Sophitia’s BB does less damage (36 -> 28)
– Sophitia’s 3A+B only hits airbone opponents once

– The Apprentice’s A+B throw break has quicker recovery

– Tira’s infinite against Talim no longer possible
– Tira’s 2A no longer whiffs

– Talim can’t dance around in the air

– Voldo’s BT 236A does not stun anymore

– Xianghua’s command throw works on Astaroth

– Yoshimitsu’s aB+K has less recovery time (aB+K(CH) 3AB is no longer a combo, can’t do aB+K during combos), does less damage (30 -> 20)

System Changes
– Soul Crushes are harder to pull off (moves generally take off less from the soul gauge)
– You can JI throws

pelo que da pra ver, combo de bolinha do Boss e infinito da Ivy pro saco.
já é um bom começo


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