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SC4 Vídeo – Funny Soul Calibur 4 cup song

September 28, 2008

Vídeo japa bem engraçado tirando sarro das mulheres de SC4

Tradução que tava nos comentários do Youtube

“A cup is way to small, that only shows that u lack of self-confidence. There’s no reason to be affraid of boobies! Get a hold of urself!”

He concludes by saying:
“We’ve seen many different kinds of boobies now, but what I wanna say in the end is just that it is not a good thing to juge girls from their breasts! lalalala (etc)”


SC4 Custom Characters

September 28, 2008

Alguns custom bem legais para a galera

Vídeo análise SoulCalibur IV – Santa Games

September 19, 2008

Análise feita pelo programa Santa Games(Sistema Santa Cecilia de comunicação) em 30 de Agosto de 2008.

Sidnei Starnini (Direção)
Emerson Fox (Piloto, edição)
Lucas Patricio (Narração)

Link da vídeo análise –
Site oficial do programa –
Site oficial da emissora –

SC4 Combo Vídeos – Ivy Beginner Combos

September 18, 2008

SC4 Vídeos – Mexico Matches

September 18, 2008

Soul calibur e um Mujito por favor

Youtube Chanel Mexico –

SC4 Vídeo – Soul Calibur 4 – Special Combo Feature

September 12, 2008

Melhor vídeo de combo até agora

Soul Calibur IV Updated (Japan, PS3 only)

September 12, 2008

Segue a lista de Update do Sc4 na verção japonesa

Brief list of changes (updated periodically):

Character-specific Changes
– Algol’s projectile combos no longer possible (as in, it won’t pick up opponents)
– Algol’s 8A+B pushes airborne opponents backwards
– Algol’s 66A+B throw pushes opponent back further

– Amy’s 3BA does less damage

– Astaroth’s knee is more unsafe on block

– Cassandra’s 66B+K does not relaunch

– Cervantes’s 11K has less advantage on block

– Ivy’s infinite gone
– Ivy’s unblockable (6A+B) from whip stance does less damage
– Ivy’s Criminal Symphony throw has a wider window for the JF version
– Ivy’s whip 3B has worse recovery

– Kilik’s B+K now GIs vertical attacks, and has a shorter window to GI attacks

– Raphael’s B does not track as much

– Setsuka’s A throw does less damage (25 -> 20)
– Setsuka’s JF moves are easier to pull off (?)

– Siegfried’s 3 has slower recovery (3B no longer is a combo, etc), shaves off more soul gauge damage

– Sophitia’s BB does less damage (36 -> 28)
– Sophitia’s 3A+B only hits airbone opponents once

– The Apprentice’s A+B throw break has quicker recovery

– Tira’s infinite against Talim no longer possible
– Tira’s 2A no longer whiffs

– Talim can’t dance around in the air

– Voldo’s BT 236A does not stun anymore

– Xianghua’s command throw works on Astaroth

– Yoshimitsu’s aB+K has less recovery time (aB+K(CH) 3AB is no longer a combo, can’t do aB+K during combos), does less damage (30 -> 20)

System Changes
– Soul Crushes are harder to pull off (moves generally take off less from the soul gauge)
– You can JI throws

pelo que da pra ver, combo de bolinha do Boss e infinito da Ivy pro saco.
já é um bom começo

SC4 Vídeo – Yoshimitsu One Hit KO

September 12, 2008

Pegou, matou ehehehe

SC4 Vídeo – Manta- Voldo Combos and Glitches

September 10, 2008

Qualidade ruim, vídeo muito bom !!

SC4 Vídeo – Tira

September 10, 2008